Over 50 years of Experience as a Breeder. 

Only Quality, Breeds Quality

Andrew McBride's Sky High Loft, has consistently been Ontario's premier breeder of Pure White Racing Pigeons.

Today's bloodlines are a careful blend of White Logan/Janssen/Delbar/Mortvedt pigeons.

''Quality Over Quantity''

For many years Sky High pigeons have been highly sought after by White Dove Release Businesses, and have been raced by many fanciers across North America.  

All birds are CPFA banded, health tested, and vaccinated.   


Birds For Sale     

                                       (Now Booking Young Birds for 2019 Season) 


A few late bred young birds will be available later in the season.    


Contact us for more details.       E mail: info@skyhighdoves.comThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         Call or Text: 519 370 9090  

Satisfaction assured. Visitors and inquiries, always welcome.     (Delivery to different parts of Ontario can often be arranged)

Advice and guidance is always freely given.