Sky High Doves are based in Walkerton Ontario, owned and operated by Andrew McBride. With over 59 years experience as a breeder, and judge of high quality racing pigeons. In his native Scotland, he achieved great success racing pigeons from points across the UK, and from Rennes in France 527 miles. A ''Master Breeder'' Andrew McBride immigrated to Canada in 1989 and brought his love of pigeons with him.

Sky High Doves provide a personal service, that takes great pride in the care and the attention to detail it provides.

Sky High Doves have been featured in many newspapers, national magazines, Radio and TV Shows. 

The "White Doves" are actually Pure White Homing Pigeons, they have been carefully selected and bred for their homing ability, beauty, style, grace and elegance. These beautiful birds will enhance any occasion and will leave you with a wonderful memory that will last a lifetime. 

Sky High Loft only houses fully pedigreed Pure White Homing Pigeons. Foundation stock were sourced from top racing lofts in Belgium, Ireland and North America. Each year a select number young birds are offered for sale along with a few singles and matched Breeding Pairs. (see Pigeons For Sale page)


Sky High Doves are located in Walkerton, Ontario.  We will release within a 75 km radius of Walkerton.

When released, the White Doves will soar up into the sky, circle a few times in formation, before getting their bearings and flying home.  Once home, they are rewarded with fresh water and food.

Sky High Doves are proud to support many local charities, Hospital fundraisers and The Terry Fox Run as part of their annual fundraising campaigns.

White Dove Releases are available from April to November.


Starting your own White Dove Release Business. 

Sky High Dove Releases will assist you with the establishment of your own White Dove Release business. We can supply top quality breeding stock, sound advice and guidance. There is an increasing demand for White Dove Release Services in many areas across Canada. A White Dove release is one of the most satisfying services anyone can provide today.