For centuries, White Doves have symbolized the Holy Spirit, Love, Peace and Hope.

A memorial White Dove release is peaceful and healing, a special way of expressing a final goodbye.

A release can often follow a special prayer or poem or any other moment of your choosing.

The Spirit Dove: A Single Dove
One White Dove representing the Spirit
of your loved one released to ascend up to heaven.

The Guardian Angel: Two Doves
One White Dove represents the Spirit guided
to heaven by the Guardian Angel

The Holy Trinity: Four Doves
One White Dove represents the Spirit, followed moments
later by three doves representing the Holy Trinity;
the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
All join in a circle and ascend to Heaven.

Pallbearer Package: Seven Doves
One White Dove released to represent the spirit of your loved one,
Followed by six more doves that represent the pallbearers,
Friends and/or family that delivered the departed
back to God's waiting arms.
The 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Eight Doves
One White Dove represents the Spirit of the departed.
Followed by seven doves released individually;
representing the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Wisdom, Strength, Honor, Glory, Understanding
Praise, and Blessing. - Revelations 5:12

The Final Journey HomeBand of Angels: Eleven Doves
A release of 10 White Doves representing the
spirits of previously deceased family and friends.
After they ascend skyward, a single white dove
representing the Spirit of the love one is released
to join the others for the journey

Oh that I had wings like a dove, I would fly
away and be at rest.” - Psalm 55:6

We can personalize a White Dove Release to suit any funeral service.   

A Memorial Release can be booked directly, or through any area Funeral Home.

It is appreciated that short notice will be inevitable. In these circumstances, we will do our utmost to accommodate your request for a White Dove Release.