"Lady Arielle" BE 17 1124765

Dr of Marnix  x Arielle from Scherens Vangrambren Belgium




"White Power" BE 18 1087276

Son of Angelo Blanco x White Lady from Scherens Vangramberen Belgium




"White Angela" BE 18 1087287 

Dr of White Boy x Angela Blanca from Scherens Vangramberen Belgium. 



''White Charles'' BE 16 1094598 Son of Austin x White Angouleme from Scherens Vangramberen Belgium.  



''Mr July'' CPFA 15 BD 754  Top Breeding Cock  



''Missile'' 13 5881  100% Janssen Cock, 600 Km prize winner



IHU 18 S 149593 Logan Cock from Dublin, Ireland 



IHU 16 S 002761 Logan Cock from Dublin, Ireland


IHU 16 S 002762 Logan Hen from Dublin, Ireland



CPFA 18 BE 310  Pure Logan Cock  



CPFA 19 BB 529 Son of Missile and Lady Arielle 


 CPFA 19 BB 501 Pure Logan Cock