Can the weather affect the release?

The birds cannot be released less than one hour before sunset, in high winds, rain, or if a thunderstorm is forecast.


What happens to the White Doves after they are released?

The birds will soar up into the sky, usually circling a few times to get their bearings, then head for home.


Do all doves know how to find their way home?

The birds have spent months in training and have an amazing ability to find their way home. They just love to fly…


Do the birds make a mess?

No, the birds don’t make a mess. They never mess while they are in flight.


What happens if a bird goes astray or gets lost?

All Sky High Doves are C P F A banded with an identification number which is registered with The Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association. In the unlikely event a bird goes astray, it can easily be identified and returned home.